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Wed Mar 8 12:40:13 CST 2000

Hari Om,

I have also heard one more mantra which the Braahmanas chant before
eating at
large gatherings - it is called Trisuparna mantra, the chanting of which
purifies the food that they eat even if perchance the cook had evil
thoughts on
his mind while cooking or if the place of cooking was not well
sanctified before
starting cooking or if the food was in any way polluted inadvertently -
mantra sets it all right ! How divine ! and what foresight our Rishis
had ! It
really saddens me now to think how far away we have drifted from all
rituals now.

It is also true that the tongue is the most difficult to control of all
the five
sensory organs. That is because it is only the tongue which has been
two portfolios - of tasting and talking. All others have only one job
to them. Hence people find it difficult to stop eating and also stop
talking !
There is a nice couplet describing this :

jihve ! pramaanam jaaniihi
Bhojane Bhaashaneepi cha
ati bhuktih atiiva uktih
sadhyapraanaapahaarinii  !

O tongue ! know your limitations
while eating and while talking too
too much of eating and too much of talking
pose danger to life ( of one self and of the other ) !

Latha Vidyaranya

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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