Madaalasaa .

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Mon Mar 6 21:22:24 CST 2000

Recently in a spiritual journal I came across the name Madaalasaa of a
woman who was a jnaani par excellence. It seems she turned all her
children into young jnaanis just by singing a simple lullaby when they
were still in cradle :

shudhdhosi  budhdhosi  niranjanosi
samsaara  maaya  parivarjitosi .

( you are pure, you are all knowing, you are untouched (by raaga and
you are devoid of the maaya which envelops the world )

I am curious to know who this character Madaalasaa is. In which
puraana/upanishad is she mentioned ? Can any one tell me please ?

Hari Om,
Latha Vidyaranya
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