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Mon Mar 6 21:22:08 CST 2000

Ravisankar Mayavaram wrote:

> There was a lot of good discussion on spiritual practice (RFD thread).
> Thank you.  One thing I have seen is, not always people who have free time
> spend it on God. OTOH, even if one is busy, one can find ways to keep the
> focus of God.

The practice which has helped me most is chanting of simple stotras
which one
can learn by heart. Instead of simply learning it by rote if one can
understand the meaning and chant it, all the more effective it will be.
can say it aloud or chant it silently while doing the daily kitchen
Singing stotras while cooking adds extra flavour to the food and the
food when
consumed by the family definitely helps to build purer thoughts in their
minds. " Annaath manaha ". Previously whenever there were occasions of
the daily japa because of extra work in the kitchen I used to get very
agitated. Now by God's grace I have matured into a more peaceful person
and I
firmly believe in the words " yat yat karma karomi tattadakhilam Shambho
tavaaraadhanam ". This strong belief helps one to tide over the trivial
agitations of the mind and helps one to do even the mundane work with

Hari Om,
Latha Vidyaranya

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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