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There was a lot of good discussion on spiritual practice (RFD thread).
Thank you.  One thing I have seen is, not always people who have free time
spend it on God. OTOH, even if one is busy, one can find ways to keep the
focus of God.

Some ways which I found useful:

Keep a small note book and whenever you get free time write bhagavannaama.
Like "Raama Raama", or "namaH shivaaya", or gayaatrii  or the name of your
ishhTa devata. You can do it while work also. Even writing once in a hour
is a good reminder.

One can always choose to listen to devotional works on Audio. Recently one
my friends sent a tape with upanyaasam on bhaagavatam, it was so
inspiring. If you have the luxury to keep a walkman or tape recorder at
office, it can help you during the day.

One can keep the pictures of one's guru or ishhTa devata even in the
workplace. You will be looking at them almost regularly to remind of your
ultimate goal.

There are many many ways to keep one's mind focussed on God despite the
busy schedule. They are too many to list them all here.

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