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Raghavendra Hebbalalu hs_raghavendra at YAHOO.COM
Wed Mar 1 17:14:25 CST 2000

> Will it be better if we don't choose spirituality in
> favor of material wealth with the idea of
> "sacrificing" something? Sacrifice generally is a
> selection between choices which are equal or atleast
> close to each other in the level of importance. Also
> by sacrificing one of the choices one gets a certain
> amount of pain.

You are right. But it is not very easy to reach that
level of understanding, where spirituality tends to
become a choice more than a sacrifice.

> Here, for a true viveki material prosperity is at
> best
> an aid and spiritual pursuit is far ahead in his

I agree again. True viveka is not very easy to come
by. Through satsanga and study of scriptures,one can
come to an understanding that spirituality is 'better'
than materialism. But, for the bookish understanding
to rise to the level of viveka, there is a struggle

> priority list and he should not be pained to
> sacrifice
> a little bit of material well being! So, where is
> the
> question of sacrifice? If still there is a certain
> amount of pain, the viveka is not strong enough, is

There is bound to be some pain during a struggle. Only
when one stops feeling the 'pain', does one come to
know that viveka in oneself has matured.

> Regards
> Rajesh

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