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> >Vivek Anand Ganesan wrote:
> >> c) However, the ArdhanArI form is present only in the
> >>    Shaivite tradition.  The shaivite tradition also
> >>    emphasizes the unity of the devotee with Shiva.
> >>    Is this a later development of Shaivism or was it
> >>    "monistic" all along?
> >Other traditions also, in ultimate analysis, the same concept, but
> >expressed differently. For example Krishna is shown playing Rasa with
> >Radha. Vishnu bears ShriVatsa Chinha on his breast, etc.
> >As far unity with devotee is concerned, it seems Shaivites were always
> >believing in that. Vaishnava (i.e.Bhakti) tradition seems to be
> >following (right from the time of RiVeda) Dvaita approach.
>  Is it being suggested that Shaivism is intrinsically or historically
>  advaitic and that Vaishnava bhakti is similarly dvaitic? If so, then
>  how can we explain the existence of advaitic forms of bhagavatism
>  introduced by the saints of Maharashtra, beginning with Sant Jnaneshwar?
>  And how can we explain the existence of both dvaitic and
>  vishishhTa-advaitic (Veera-shaiva) schools of Shaivism in Southern India?
>  Anand
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> bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

The emphasis is on the words "in ultimate analysis" in above. The approaches
are different, the paths are different (up to some distance). For example,  a
Shaivait may repeat "Shivo.ah Shivo.aham" . While he is doing that he has
distinct perception of Dvaita. But that is only till he achieves
"Shivaswarup", then he need not say anything. Similarly for a Bhakta. What I
mentioned was approach, the way of thinking,  and is a general statement. I
think we should not be too much concerned with which school is following
which approach.

-- Himanshu

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