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I just happened to read Bhagavan Ramana Maharishi's views on devotion.
Though it might be relevant to this discussion...

Q: What is true devotion (Bhakti)?

A: Whatever I do or consider myself doing is really the Lord's doing.
Nothing really belongs to me. I am here for the service of the Lord. This
spirit of service is really devotion supreme and the true devotee sees the
Supreme Being as the Lord immanent in everything. Worship of Him by name and
form leads one beyond all name and form. Devotion complete *culminates* in
knowledge supreme.

Even when Bhakti (devotion) is actuated by worldly desires in the beginning,
it does not cease when the desires are fulfilled. It increases by an
unshakeable faith growing perfectly into a supreme state of realization.

Here I guess the meaning of 'Lord' is Saguna Brahman in the initial stages
which is later transformed to Nirguna Brahman as a person progresses in
spiritual life. And I guess, unless the transformation to Nirguna Brahman
takes place moksha would not be possible, according to advaita.

And thank you very much Shri. Anand... It was really a wonderful and
enlightening exposition on bhakti. As Krishna also talks about karma
lakshaNA bhakti, upAsana lakshaNA bhakti and jnAna lakshaNA bhakti...


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