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Respected Sir /Madam

  My name is Pasanna K.R. I am basically from mysore. I am smartha
bhramhin following the path shown by the great guru shankara. I consider
the world renowned Jeevanmuktha His Holoness Sri Chandrashekhara Bharathi
of sringeri math as my guru and the path shower. My "ishtha devathe's" are
Lord Shiva and Godess Sri Sharada Parameshwari of Sringeri. Srineri Math
is our family matha and jagadguru of sringeri is our ultimate(Supreme)
authority in vedic and shastric matters. I was born in one of the
Traditional  families of mysore. I was brought up strict and able guidence
of my grandparents. My grand mother was a strict follower of "Madi and
Achara". I have Sphatica Linga and other Saligrama's Required for
Panchayatana puja. We worship the god Regularly on monday's Thursday's and
Saturday's. You may call me Orthrodax but i personally feel that
definetely there is some significance in our age old traditions. I have
contacts with Ramakrishna math, Chinmaya mission and other organizations.
But I found my self very much comfortable and satisified in comany of
Sringeri math followers. In December 1994 I Participated in the Dash koti
Gayatri Homa Conducted by Sri Sri Paramananda Bharathi. After
Participating in the Gayathri homa I developed more interest in these
matters. I should be very thankful to god for geeting me a good friends

Me along with my friends learnt traditionally some of the vedic mantras
like Sri Rudra prashna, Chamaka Purushasuktha and other mantras needed for
Nitya puja.We Collectively discuss very minor things in vedanta.

I hope i wrote more than required about me. Please forgive me for any
mistakes. Expecting a membership in your spiritual organization.

Sree Ganesha Sharada Gurubhyo Namaha

Yours Faithfully

Prasanna K.R.

Prasanna K.R.

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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