origin of gOthras

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I am not sure if this topic has already been addressed on the list.

I was till now under the belief that the gOthra that we use to identify
ourselves implied that we were followers/descendants of the particular Rishi and
that these Rihis were the saptha mahaRshis. Yest'day I found out that my frined
belonged to a gOthra called "kapi" gOthra. I asked him to chant out his pravara
which has the names of the 3 Rishis from whom the gOthra is supposed to have
originated. To my surprise all the 3 Rishis I heard were not known to me. So I
am wondering if my blief that the gOthras originated from one of the
saptha-Rishis was incorrect. Can some of the learned members kindly throw some
light on the origins of the gOthras and if possible list all the gOthras?

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