Differences between Vedantic schools

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>Are you refering to the the recent discussion about the Vedas?  If there
>is one canard I can dispel about Advaita Vedanta is that it considers the
>injunctions of the Vedas and shastras to be inferior or irrelevant.
>True, they are of no use to a jnani but nor is anything else.  For the
>rest of us, the shastras are of vital importance and very much "real"
>advaita vedanta.
>Oh and to all list members, if there is some subject you are interested
>in, you needn't wait for one of the frequent posters to bring it up.  Post
 I agree. This list often gives an impression of being dominated by
 a "chosen" few. It need not be that way. An large majority of those
 who join stay as silent spectators. It need not be that way.
 There are many "practical" aspects of advaita such as the smR^iti's
 (the word smArtas applied to advaitins comes from smR^iti) and other
 dharma-shAstras. It would benefit us to discuss these.


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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