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dear vaidya,
             i have had my say and have also heard the voice of all the
esteemed members.i have already clarified that i was not against discussing
karma,it is obvious that karma is the means to an end and not an end in
itself;i only wanted to stress the point that we should endeavour to keep
the final end in view rather than get caught in endless discussions on the
means.i hope no one takes any offence at my well meaning observations.thank
you all for a very lively debate.-devendra.

>From: Vaidya Sundaram <Vaidya_Sundaram at I2.COM>
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>Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 09:19:38 -0500
>  The debate on this topic seems to be veering towards the need for karma
>than the original intended question about richness and quality of debates.
>However, although this reply of mine is one more in the "nonsense" series,
>it is
>important that we dont brush nonsense under the carpet.
>   Clubbing some "moderninst" thinkers with the likes of the true advaitins
>follow is a) wrong b) take it off this list. Is it the view of your
>thinker that you must judge upon the merit or need for a shika? Perhaps he
>also said that wearing vibhuti is also unimportant and some more such
>things ...
>You may just follow him to where he leads you. As for me (and some of us) -
>will follow shastras to the "letter" - even today.
>  What you as a person feel is karma is your karma - not mine. On the other
>if what you feel about karma is what the shastras say it is, then it is
>also. not otherwise.
>  If you can understand science, use it to try and understand the full
>behind the reasons why "an agnihotra has to performed by the yajaman in the
>morning as the sun is set to rise before any housholder of the yajaman has
>eaten" - when you dont have the full knowlwdge of what's going on,
>is like saying -" I know that gun powder when ignited explodes - however,
>gunpowder in a bullet is too small to cause any harm, so we might as well
>in any direction" -
>  worshipping agni is like waking a sleeping tiger. this has been repeated
>and time again in the apasthamba sutra. dont meddle with a concept of which
>neither know anything, nor fully understand the vastness of ...
>  debates are futile only when you decide "the speaker knows not what he
>of - yet I can make sense out of his statements since I know better" -
>apparently you are doing this with the teachings of the Rishis. For
>example, you
> > it is important to follow the ancients in spirit not
> > merely in letter.this was what was meant by swami.vivekananda
>  for one, you are saying you know better as to what swami vivekananda
>rather than what he actually said. You are also saying that he in turn
>"interpreted" the teachings of the rishis. if anyone listens to you, he or
>will in turn "interpret" you ... ad infinitum.  Please keep your
>"interpretations" off this list. Statements like :
> > not on mere outward appendages like 'shika'
>  are not necessary, in error, and distorts the very essense of why I and a
>others want to have a shika. You neither understand nor appreciate the
>value of
>tradition. How can you give a rational and logical explanation for why the
>Gayathri mantra has to be chanted every day. How can you give a logical and
>scientific reason for why even perform a sacrifice where you offer your
>as oblations to the fire when you can only see that it is burnt to ashes.
>logical reason can you give for even wearing a yajyopavidham in the first
>... ?
>  discussing karma, as Jaldhar has already mentioned, is the only way to
>understand our svadharma - practicing our svadharma is the ONLY way to
>shuddi. Tell me what your "modernist"  "thinker" says about chitta shuddi.
>  Please bear in mind that most of us on this list are not here to "spend"
>time, but to learn. If you can contribute to "Learning Advaita Vedanta as
>by Shri Shankara"  do so. If not, kindly keep your judgements to yourself.
>bhava shankara desikame sharaNam
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>dear jaldhar,
>               since i don't think any one of us is a realized soul,it is
>difficult to say with certainity whose knowledge of advaita needs
>revision.who says to ignore karma?,i say ,stress on the spirit not on the
>letter.stress on the uttar-mimamsa rather than the purva-mimamsa.we must
>discuss karma as explained by the lord in the gita but we should not
>in vain disputation like the priests.let us have a
>debate on jnana,karma not on mere outward appendages like 'shika'.we must
>apply the principles of the ancients in the modern,present context.even the
>lord comes in every age to deliver the eternal message in the current
> ,don't say that we need no such interpretation,application;we
>need it-it is not possible,nor is it necessary to follow the ancients in
>word/deed(remember they did'nt have emails,so why are we using
>emails??indeed there may be even a shloka by some obscure brahmin that:"it
>is wrong to communicate(send emails) without taking a bath",so should we
>follow it blindly??)it is important to follow the ancients in spirit not
>merely in letter.this was what was meant by swami.vivekananda,but as usual,
>you took it in the literal way,which is what i am complaining
>against.believe me ,i too am as saddened as you .
>wishing for constructive response.
>                          nothing personal-devendra.
>bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam
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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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