aapat sannyasa

Aravind Krishna seeksha at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Oct 27 09:29:25 CDT 1999

>shAstras consider that taking sannyAsa is like death.

Taking up sannyaasa  is not equated to death, but rebirth. I think Sri Ravi
wanted to convey only that.

People will feel its better to be dead than taking up sanyaasa if we equate
sanyaasa to death.

Its a misconception that naarayaNa tiirtha took aapat sanyaasa fearing
death.  When one feels the amount of time he is going to live is not enough
to undergo the normal course needed to get to sannyaasa ashrama, he can
embraces sanyaasa with a maanaseeka guru by renouncing the symbols of karma,
normally this is how aapat sanyaasa is defined. The famous South Indian
powraaNiikaa  Sri Annantharama diikshitar took aapat sanyaasa when he was
seriously ill in VHS Adayar (Madras).

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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