New Member Introduction: Anand Hari Ghalsasi

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Tue Oct 26 10:18:01 CDT 1999

namaste all,
               with due respect to all,i wish to say that there is some
truth in the observation that-'there are many futile ,text-torturing debates
in advaita'.
of course,nothing in existence is futile,but it is sometimes very amusing to
note people who profess to think and meditate on the
ultimate,highest,grandest,abstract,most abstruse truth get caught up in
matters and debates most trifle.
everything in maya has got merits and faults,and our beloved advaita
list is no exception(let us admit this truth),it is true that sometimes we
list members too indulge in debates and points which frankly do not behove
us and are quite childish in depth and content.
i personally feel that 2 types of persons get attracted to advaita:
1.those attracted to it's philosophy for intellectual satisfaction.
2.those attracted to it for it's profound and sublime value which alone can
lead to true knowledge.
it is obvious that the former(1.) have not really understood advaita and
have mistaken the chaff for the grain.
i would like to end with a quote by the one of the greatest advaitins of the
present age,swami.vivekananda:
"you must not merely learn what the rishis taught.those rishis are gone,and
their opinions are also gone with must be rishis are
also men as much as the greatest men that were ever born-even our
incarnations.what can mere book learning do?what can meditation do even?what
can the mantras and tantras do?you must stand on your own feet."
after all,advaita reminds us of our divinity,our infinite potential-it does
not advise us to become  mere intellectual addicts.
i hope the esteemed members take my words in the right spirit and don't
misunderstand's hoping for a advaita list which takes the debates
and discussions to a new,higher level where we can have the joy of really
discussing the evernew knowledge of advaita.---devendra.

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>As can be seen from my mail I'm only reluctant to Futile debates sir.
>Futile in my interpretation means resulting in nothing.
>Otherwise it's well known fact that " VAde VAde Jayate TatvaBodhaha "
>So Let's have such debates which finally will help us to Discover the
>"Brahma" !
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>                 > I'm Anand Hari Ghalsasi.
>                 >
>                 > I follow "Advait" as explained By "Swamy Vivekanand".
>                 >
>                 > I may not like futile debates or propaganda,
>                 > But will Definitely like to share experiences and
>                 > interpretations about that single Truth.
>                 >
>                 You have only scratched the surface of Advaita Vedanta.
>There are often
>                 very good reasons for what seems like "futile debates and
>propoganda" and
>                 you should investigate more deeply before dismissing such
>activities out
>                 of hand.
>                 Experiences can be misleading.  By themselves they mean
>nothing.  It is
>                 only through using our mental powers we can make sense of
>our experiences
>                 and that requires debates.  But hopefully not futile ones.
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