BrahmanAs and their jobs

nanda chandran vpcnk at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Oct 25 18:29:13 CDT 1999

>In ponniyin selvan (a famous historical tamil novel set in 10
>century ad in thanjavur, which has few imaginary characters), the
>minister of sundara chozha (father of rajaraja I ) was a brahmana

And also AAzhlvArkadiyAn (servant of the AzhlwArs) who is an 'ottran' - a
messenger, a spy!

Yes, apart from their caste profession as priests or teachers of the Vedic
literature, Tamil brAhmanas have worked in other professions too - diwAns,
mirAzdhArs for the local kings or the British govt, as judges, teachers,
clerks etc But have never heard of anyone who'd gone into farming or trade.

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