BrahmanAs and their jobs

Ravisankar S. Mayavaram msr at COMCO.COM
Fri Oct 22 16:35:20 CDT 1999

Even in south brahmana-s have held various other jobs. Some
famous one's like madhava-vidyaranya (who served as chief
minister of vijayanagara empire) and niilakaNtha diikshiita (who
served as chief minister under tirumalai nayakka in Madurai) are
examples for this.  Even appayya diikshita (if I am not mistaken)
served in a royal court.

In ponniyin selvan (a famous historical tamil novel set in 10
century ad in thanjavur, which has few imaginary characters), the
minister of sundara chozha (father of rajaraja I ) was a brahmana
(this may not be accurate). Dont flame me for citing a novel.
Honestly, I learned best part of my history from Kalki and
Chandilyan :-))

I would assume that all along, some of them engaged in
professions like these, and as assistants and those maintained
records etc. May be they all worked just 20 hrs a week and
devoted more time to pursuing their dharma :-))


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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