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> Personally I think anyone who goes against his Guru is commiting a grave
> sin but no doubt Ramanuja had his reasons for doing what he did.  But even
> though it may disagree with the Smarta sampradaya on important subjects,
> Shri sampradaya and other astika sampradayas share a lot in common.  They
> all base their stand on Brahma sutras, Gita, and Upanishads etc.  It's
> only in the South of India there is such sharp seperation between the
> sampradayas it seems.  My first teacher belongs to Swaminarayana
> sampradaya which accepts the Shribashya as it's philosophical base (and he
> worships Ganapati Bhagawan as his ishtadevata) and I didn't have any
> problems with learning from him.  This is quite normal in our neck of the
> woods.
> --
I believe there is a difference between Guru and teacher or scholar.
Generally we use the word Guru  to imply a scholar.  According to our
tradition Guru is one who is established in the supreme truth and has the
capacity to elimate the ignorance in a disciple who has surrendered to him
and lead him to the realize the utlimate goal of life.

Sri RamanujaCharya's teacher was a reknowned scholar in advaita vedanta by
name yadava praskash - under whom he was learning the shastras and advaita
vedanta.  Among his Gurus were Tiruk kachi Nambi,Periya Nambi ,Tiruk
Koshtiyur Nambi - who can be called Gurus as they had understood the essence
of the vedas and were established in the Sumpreme truth.
Thats the reason whu his teacher yadava prakash became his disciple.
Guru is a infinitely compassionate and in fact the Para bramhan in human
form.  Sr Yadava Prakash does not meet any of the qualifications of a Guru
given in the scriptures.  Cuurently the word guru is used in several

> .

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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