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Ashish Chandra ramkisno at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Oct 19 19:03:34 CDT 1999

JHV wrote:
>Kartik wrote:
>  If it makes him a better man, so be it. If
>studying Vedanta makes him a better man, then he should quit studying
>physics and turn towards Vedanta. If Christianity is better for him, he
>should get baptised and become a Christian.

Again better in what sense?  From the Advaita point of view, Christianity is
a step backwards because it teaches a seperation between the soul and God.

I believe reading somewhere that Sri Ramanujacharya's Guru was an Advaitin
and that the Acharya's Shikshan was in the Advaita tradition. However, he
went on to establish the Sri Vaishnava tradition. How do we discern from
this what his duty was? Clearly, the concept of Moksha in Vishishtadvaitam
is different from Advaitam's. How could he (Sri Ramanujacharya) have known
that Vishishtadvaita was better for him? Which probably means that the
search for "wisdom" exists in man alone. Tradition can at best complement
it. So we should explore our own failing which other traditions can be
sought out. Is this a correct interpretation of the history of such things ?


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