saattvika tyaagam

Krishna Vaidyanathan kkvaidya at HOTMAIL.COM
Sat Oct 16 22:30:08 CDT 1999

>One should make tradition(s) benefit oneself, not remain in a tradition if
>it pulls oneself down.

I would like to know of any tradtion that is trying to pull any one down.
Please answer in the context of this discussion list.

>I agree that a person who thinks he can "improve" on a tradition is only
>pampering his own ego.

Would you consider "restoring a tradtion to perfection" as improvement ?

>Giri was telling me the other day how the scriptures accepted by the
>advaita tradition as authentic describe a Lunar eclipse as due to
>Rahu/Kethu (in the form of serpents) swallowing the moon. Scientific
>knowledge gathered from other traditions, which is bread and butter
>to several of us, plainly contradicts this. How many list-members >honestly
>believe that the moon is swallowed by a snake during a Lunar eclipse?

Are you suggesting an improvement to the tradition here by suggesting to all
the list members to think in this fashion. Are you boosting your ego ?


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