saattvika tyaagam

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Any karmA or action is designed to give a particular result. Scriptures
prescribe certain karmAs as vihitha karmA, because it helps a spiritual
aspirant to reach his goal gradually with ease.

If one is not interested in the result or benefit of a karmA, he may abstain
from doing it, as a result he does not get the fruit of the karmA. This type
of a disinterest is termed as Raajasa ThyAga.

When one gives up karmA because of laziness or claims some lame excuses for
not performing them, he too does not get the benefit. This is termed as
Taamasa ThyAga.

When one performs the prescribed karmA properly and surrenders the fruit to
the almighty because of his supreme sense of discrimination in order to gain
VivEka, VairAgya and other virtues, it is termed as Saathvika ThyAga.

Though all spiritual aspirants adopt this, Sri Vaishnava school of thought
gives a special place for this and explains them in detail. As per my little
knowledge, they have not introduced any new mantra for this.

The word saathvika has some thing more to do. For instance when one offers
argya in sandhya, the mano bhava should be that, sri surya narayana himself
is receiving it in his lotus palm. Actions with such consciousness really
make a difference.
When each and every act is performed with such consciousness , it gets one
to a stage in which he feels the divinity in the action itself rather than
debating on the result. When this grows he continues to act according to his
duties but the fruit vanishes from the screen. All his actions become deva

aatmaa tvaM girijaa matiH sahasraaH praaNaaH shariiraM gR^ihaM
puujaa te vishhayopabhogarachanaa nidraa samaadhisthitiH     I
sanchaaraH padayoH pradakshiNavidhiH stotraaNi sarvaa giraH
yadyatkarma karomi tattadakhilaM shambho tava araadhanam     II

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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