shrI lalitAtrishatI bhAShyam.h - post 6

Ravi msr at COMCO.COM
Thu Jul 29 16:14:57 CDT 1999

Till now we saw the benedictory verses composed by shrI
shankara, and the first two verses of pUrvapIThika.


tathaapi mama chittasya paryaaptirnaiva jaayate |
kaartsnyaarthaH praapya ityeva shochayishhyaamyahaM prabho  || 3 ||

Even then in my mind there is no sense of fullness or
completion. Intuitively I feel I am lacking something. O
Lord, I am grieving to know what will get me the sense of

Prior to this, shrI hayagrIva initiated sage agastya to shrI
lalitAsahasranAmam. Before he was taught lalitAsahasranAmam,
sage agastya was aware of the existence of a work called
lalitAsahasranAmam. But now, at this point, he does not know
that a work called shrI lalitAtrishatI exists. But he
intuitively feels that he is missing something very

kimidaM kaaraNaM bruuhi GYaatavyaaMsho.asti  vaa punaH |
asti chenmama tat.h bruuhi bruuhiityuktvaa praNamya taM ||4||

Please tell me the reason for this, is there something some
which I have not heard from you. If it is so please instruct
me further. Saying thus sage agastya prostrated to lord


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