Nature of Consciousness

Sankaran Panchapagesan panchap at ICSL.UCLA.EDU
Thu Jul 29 12:03:55 CDT 1999


> > I read somewhere (I think it was a post in the archives by
> Vidyasankar)

I'm sorry for incorrectly quoting your name, I was mistaken.

Thanks for the clarification on the reasons behind the arguments. I think
this point about avoiding circularity in the argument has already been
mentioned in the list archives. I am presently under the belief that the
existence of a God, omniscient or otherwise, cannot be proved and is to be
accepted only on faith, i.e., faith in the Sruti. I have a suspicion that
that that arguments for unauthoredness, however ingenious, are going to be
circular. I understand now that unauthoredness is required to validate
Sruti as a pramANa. Also, I am not sure why unauthoredness of a text
should also imply infallibility. (human author --> fallible, but not
necessary that no author --> infallible?). But Ramakrishnan has said that
he'll write about it in a later e-mail, and I am interested in learning
about them.


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