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On Wed, 28 Jul 1999, Ravi wrote:

> I have some more questions.
> 1) Verse of puruSha suuktam is often used in the shoDasha upachara
> puuja, like they say a verse and then offer upavitam samarpyaami namaH,
> and so on. Sometimes I find the verses not always relevant to what is
> being offered (I am wrong here).

Sometimes the literal meaning of mantras only gives a partial clue.  Take
for example the Rudradhyaya.  It is recited devout ly by many people as a
stuti to Shiva Bhagawan.  However it is literally asking Shiva Bhagawan to
go away!  In the Shrauta yagnas like agnichayana it is recited to request
Him to leave the premises so the yajaman may sacrifice in peace.  Because
He is the Lord of the earth, it may only be used after He has relinquished
His claim.  Also because He howls in anger (Rudra = the howler) at those
who practice Adharma He is asked to turn a blind eye to any mistakes
that may occur in the performance of the yagna.  But between the lines
what this sukta is saying is that Shiva Bhagawan, is the Lord of all, that
He is the supporter of Dharma, and He is pleased to  grant the wishes of
His devotees.  When we chant the Rudri with Bhakti, that's the aspect we
focus on.

> And why is puruSha suuktam always
> used? These suuktams are also chanted when abhishekams are performed.
> Even while performing abhishekam for ambaaL, I have heard puruSha
> suuktam chanted.

The same thing with the Purushasukta.  Ostensibly  it is about Purush
identified with Shri Narayana or Prajapati who at the Srshti brings forth
everything out of Himself.  When we do Puja we identify whatever devata we
are worshipping with the supreme being and all His attributes.  So in a
sense that devata is the Purusha and all that is said in that sukta
applies to them.

> 2) When is guru puurNima? Today or puurNima of
the next month, I think > there are two different traditions.

According to the Gujarati calendar it was today.  I don't know if other
people do it a different way.  There was an adhika month this year so it
may have been the cause of confusion.

> vyAsAya viShNu rUpAya vyAsarUpAya viShNave

I like that shloka!

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