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Ravi miinalochanii at YAHOO.COM
Wed Jul 28 09:51:00 CDT 1999

Dear Jaldhar and Anand,

You both answered all my questions very satisfactorily. Thank you. I
really like Jaldhar's gynecology example.

I have some more questions.

1) Verse of puruSha suuktam is often used in the shoDasha upachara
puuja, like they say a verse and then offer upavitam samarpyaami namaH,
and so on. Sometimes I find the verses not always relevant to what is
being offered (I am wrong here). And why is puruSha suuktam always
used? These suuktams are also chanted when abhishekams are performed.
Even while performing abhishekam for ambaaL, I have heard puruSha
suuktam chanted.

2) When is guru puurNima? Today or puurNima of the next month, I think
there are two different traditions.

Thank you.


vyAsAya viShNu rUpAya vyAsarUpAya viShNave
namovai brahmanidhaye vAsiShTaaya namo namaH

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