Importance of the veda

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From: Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian <ramakris at EROLS.COM>
Date: Monday, July 26, 1999 7:46 PM
Subject: Importance of the veda

>It's a pleasure discussing things with people like Robert, although
>they may not agree with what I say or quote. I have no desire to
>convert anyone. What I write clarifies my own thoughts and if it helps
>other people I am glad. It is infinitely trying on my patience to have
>people taking swipes from the sidelines at me while contributing
>nothing useful. I think I have posted enough mails to make myself
>clear and this is my last mail on this topic: shruti is the endall for
>realizing Atman as per advaita vedAnta taught by sha.nkara. If anyone
>disagrees, kindly produce some statement controverting this from some
>genuine work of sha.nkara or Sureshvara. I mean the sUtra bhAshhya,
>upanishhad bhAshya-s and a few other works.

You're inviting anyone to dispute the written tradition by quoting the
written tradition as a source? Hmmm...


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