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>4) This is list is not for people like Robert. Millions like him roam
>on the face of earth.  It was never the purpose of the list to convince
>or convert people like him. It is purely God's business. This list
>cannot take the place of a guru either. If one is earnest, he should
>contact living mahAtma-s. I do not know whether AchArya-s shankara
>maTha-s will accept everyone, and will have patience and time to deal
>with many many agnostics on individual basis. Atleast, they may point
>them to right teachers.

And what are people like me? I've heard very analogous arguments from
Christians who are affronted by having the final authority of their Bible
and "Tradition of the Fathers" questioned seriously. "Women can't chant the
Vedas because tradition says they can't" (whoever in the list said that). If
I don't follow my own Western tradition in this slavish manner, I'm
certainly not going to adhere to someone else's just for the sake of


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