Thank You

Greg Goode goode at DPW.COM
Mon Jul 26 08:28:45 CDT 1999

At 06:19 PM 7/24/99 -0500, Parisi & Watson wrote:
>It has become clear to me, and I'm sure to everyone else, that I do not
>belong in this list, at least not at this time. But I would like to thank
>all the members of the list for their patience and attention.


I'll miss you, always look forward to your posts.

If you would like to continue to write off-list, I would welcome that.

See you,


>With the kind permission of the members, I would like to continue to hound
>down a couple of points in the current discussion, and then I will withdraw
>from the list with thanks and fond memories, and pursue other avenues.

Fine by me.

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