Nature of Consciousness

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Date: Sunday, July 25, 1999 11:38 AM
Subject: Re: Nature of Consciousness

>  I did mean that the Vedas exhaust all wisdom but only wisdom of
>  things beyond the sense perception and inference. You can never deny
>  that modern science and technology, inspite of its great progress,
>  quantum leaps and so on, derives its "validity" because it is
>  verified by the senses. In the same way, the Vedas have an absolute

Certainly not, nor would I wish to. Science is founded on empiricism.

>  authority over things that are beyond the range of senses. I am not
>  claiming that the Vedas have explanations on every conceivable
>  thing in the universe, including neurological explanations and such,
>  but only that in supra-sensory matters, other means to knowledge
>  such as perception and inference, are subordinate to the Vedas.


I have serious doubts about this whole area of alleged knowledge, as
outlined in my original statement. There is no experience or mental state
except those produced by the nervous system, including sense experience. The
only thing that makes sense experience special is its proven value as an aid
to survival. Therefore all the talk about supra-sensory matters based upon
ineffable states of consciousness is misguided. But I fear that this is a
disagreement at such a fundamental level that there is no point in
discussing it further.


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