Nature of Consciousness

Vaidya Sundaram Vaidya_Sundaram at I2.COM
Sat Jul 24 20:43:23 CDT 1999

>>2) I am not against the concept of a revelation that points me the right
>>      direction to find "that by which every thing else is known" for the
>>      finding is still mine.
> Neither am I, as long as it's just a pointer and stops short of claims of
> absolute, total, and unquestionable truth.

It can only be a pointer by its' own admission. The truth is "yato vAco
nivartante" that from which even speech recoils ... hence, if you can postulate
it, dream it, etc, it is not IT. You've gotta do it your self!

< --- >
> If all states of
> consciousness, including sense data, are produced by the nervous system,
> then trying to find ultimate truth by introspection, purification of
> awareness, asking Who am I?, and so on is totally futile and misguided.
 I believe I briefly addressed this in my earlier mail. asking WHat is IT?
mediating on an answer you get etc, and asking Who am I? and how am I me and
THAT as  well   -- etc -- are necessary because they prepare you for the IT.
Understanding the meanings of the words of the sentence is important to
understand the meaning of the sentence. (I remember reading the previous
sentence somewhere, i dont remember where though).Please note also that, the
established tradition tells you that trying to seek the answers by yourself just
by introspection does not work. You need a Guru to actually lead (or probably
for guys like me, drag) you as close to IT as possible.

bhava shankara desikame sharaNam.

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