Thank You

Parisi & Watson niche at AMERITECH.NET
Sat Jul 24 18:19:51 CDT 1999

It has become clear to me, and I'm sure to everyone else, that I do not
belong in this list, at least not at this time. But I would like to thank
all the members of the list for their patience and attention. In no other
forum would I be likely to encounter either such a high degree of intellect,
or such forbearance for skepticism. I have been thrashing around with the
ideas of Vedanta for years, and gradually moving away from them. I brought
my tentative conclusions here in order to present them for error checking,
in an effort to make sure that I wasn't missing anything. In the process, I
have realized some things about Vedanta that I never knew, and that cause it
to have even less appeal for me. But we can never shrink back from the
relentless pursuit of truth, even (especially) when it leads to
disappointing or unpalatable conclusions. I'm sure that all members will
agree with this statement, even if our notions of what that truth is are
dramatically different.

With the kind permission of the members, I would like to continue to hound
down a couple of points in the current discussion, and then I will withdraw
from the list with thanks and fond memories, and pursue other avenues.


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