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Namaste, Suryanarayan,

(I hope I do not err in addressing you thus.)

Thank you very much for your clarifications.

At 11:35 PM 7/23/99 +0530, you wrote:
>Rama though appearing grief stricken and searching for Sita is
>'still not immersed in the ignorance of maya' but is only acting
>as a human would under the circumstances.

I have said (elsewhere) that the one awake beyond the dream, being
nonattached, simply allows the existential self to continue with
the dream undisturbed.  For that reason, it still calls itself by name--
(since it is awake only within, and not beyond, the dream).

This is in keeping with the image of the birds in the peeple tree, is
it not: the one acting, the other never not watching?

How does that formulation fit with a proper understanding of
advaita Vedanta?

Yours truly,


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