Nature of Consciousness

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Date: Saturday, July 24, 1999 11:31 AM
Subject: Re: Nature of Consciousness

>> Or it could be that, like any human enterprise, Vedanta includes
>VedAnta is not "human enterprise" but inteprtetation of unauthored
>texts. No author = no flaw in the texts. The flaw can lie only in

And you know this how?

>> profound truth without necessarily encompassing all of it, and
>perhaps some
>> areas that are fuzzy or slightly questionable. I call it a human
>> because I can't imagine any adequate justification for viewing it as
>Sorry for being blunt again, but then it is best to forsake advaita

I think you are right.

>> "unauthored," any more than I believe the Angel Gabriel dictated the
>> to Muhammad, or that God personally wrote the Gospels. To believe
>> things is your choice, but you might have more in common with some
>> teachers in the US than you realize.
>Not to sound rude, but why would I care whether my views have some
>commonality with some religious teachers in the US? Vedantins are not
>interested in examining partial commonalties with other schools. I am
>sure many religious teachers in the US also breathe air and eat food,
>that doesn't bother me :-).

The point was that there are similarities in terms of claiming a monopoly on
truth. I'm sure you've heard Christians make flat, unqualified statements to
the effect that no one can possibly find God except through Jesus, that
Christianity is not a religion because religions are founded by men and
Christianity was founded by God, that God personally wrote every word of the
Bible through human agents, and so on? I think it's all rather sad, and I
don't believe I want to associate myself with any of it.


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