Nature of Consciousness

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Date: Friday, July 23, 1999 1:34 PM
Subject: Re: Nature of Consciousness

> Whatever ideas that are noble and lofty, are in the Vedas. It *cannot*
> be the case that there are some profound ideas but they are not found
> in the Vedas. Any religion that bases its teachings on such profound
> ideas must be either knowingly or unknowingly following the Vedas.
> However, that religion, unless it is Vedic itself, cannot be following
> Vedas *completely*, but only partially. So we have that all religions
> of the world that are non-vedic must be following the Vedas partially,
> whether such religions acknowledge the Vedas or not.

I can understand saying that everything in the Vedas is true to the best of
your knowledge. But how in the world could you or anyone else claim that any
scripture exhausts all wisdom?? What gives you this assurance that there can
be no more wisdom to be learned? It seems to me that you simply refuse to
acknowledge any profound idea that is not found in the Vedas, since the
advance knowledge that you claim is not possible. We can say the Vedas are
profound, the Vedas are true, but I don't think we can say that they
constitute _all_ wisdom or knowledge. And by the way, the distinction
between those two (wisdom and knowledge) is not always clear cut either.


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