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On Tue, 20 Jul 1999, Ravi wrote:

> There is beautiful post by one shrI M. Sudharshan in
> bhakti-list which quotes extensively from the talks shrI
> shrI chandrasekharendra sarasvatI (late pontiff of kAnchi
> maTha and known to the tamil speaking world(*) as periyava
> (or the great one) ).

Wow, this is beautiful and a challenge and a wakeup call for us all.  I
must write to Mr. Sudarshan and thank him for posting it.  I have always
found it quite strange that people think nothing of criss-crossing the
entire globe for a job or a degree but make excuses for doing the modest
amount of work it takes to fulfill their Dharmic obligations.

Only one thing is I don't think the situation is quite as "either/or" as
it is sometimes made out ot be.  In fact I would argue this modern world
of ours is the best possible environment we've ever had for being Dharmic.
Now we just need to go ahead and get on with it!

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