Nature of Consciousness - Advaita

Elizabeth Lisot Parvatijai at AOL.COM
Thu Jul 22 00:29:20 CDT 1999


I wonder, Isn't it possible to "hear" music without an orchestra? As soon as
I think of a melody or song, I immediately "hear" it in my mind, not in the
physical sense, but in a very full and real way...."music" is not solely
dependent on the physical else could  Beethoven have
composed such fantastic symphonies while deaf? Music is just as metaphysical
as the consciousness that is under discussion, as is beauty, mathematics,
literature, philosophy, etc. They all derive from the same source.
We limit our access to the source when we limit ourselves to the senses. The
eyes can only see the "visible" spectrum, not all the other electromagnetic
waves beyond the eyes'  limited ability. Does that mean that ultraviolet and
infrared do not exist because our eyes cannot see it? The instruments used to
measure, quantify and define consciousness are not yet able to access the
full spectrum of what exists. Luckily we humans have self-consciousness, a
very expansive medium, which we can use to explore these questions. Thank
goodness we don't have to limit ourselves to contemporary material apparatus.
And, Thank goodness Shankara didn't either.

Jai Ma,

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