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cal system, an exegesis of the Vedas as a whole. It gives
>  a consistent interpretation of the entire veda. The mImAMsakas
> (ritualists)
>  interpret the Vedas as urging us to action. They extend the fact
> that the
>  ritual portions, such as the brAhmaNas of the vedas, teach action
> (karma)
>  to affirm that action is the primary import of the Vedas. But in
> doing so,
>  they hold that the entire corpus of VedAnta, which teaches not karma
>  (action) but jnAna (knowledge), as mere arthavAda (glorification of
> action)
>  or enjoining more action like meditation, etc. This is opposed by
> the
>  advaitins who hold that vedanta cannot enjoin more action which is
> the
>  domain of the karma-kANDa, the ritual portions of the Vedas. But the
>  advaitins are in general agreement with the mImAMsakas in the
>  interpretation of the karma-kANDa, the ritual portions. It is only
> in the
>  interpretation of vedAnta that advaitins sharply differ from the
>  mImAMsakas.

This topic is handled in detail in the debate between shrI shankara and
maNDana mishra in madhava-vidyaraNya's shankara digvijaya.


Besides this in regard to your first post, former pontiff of kAnchi
maTha shrI chandrasekharendra sarasvatI refers to a quote from tamil
poem on Lord shiva which hails him as "aayiram shAkai uDaiyaan", as one
who has 1000 shAkAs, in reference to sAma veda. I dont remember the
exact reference for this talk. In some of this talks, he deals with
subject matter in quite a detail.


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