Note on Vedic shAkhAs

Vaidya Sundaram Vaidya_Sundaram at I2.COM
Tue Jul 20 10:22:15 CDT 1999

 I notice that you joined the list a few days ago. I suggest you try
to read a few posts (current and from the archives) before making
a comment on appropriateness of member postings to our list. I believe
these things are best left to list administrators.
 List members will undoubtedly agree with me when I say that
such apparently innocuous posts by Sri Anand Hudli wind up being
most illuminating. Besides, do not ever try to de-link Sri Shankara and His
teachings from a study of the Vedas. You will be hopelessly lost.

bhava Shankara desikame sharaNam.

On Tuesday, July 20, 1999 9:13 AM B.S.S.Prasad <prasadb at GSSLCO.CO.IN> wrote:

I thought that this list was supposed to propogate/share the 'advaita'
philosophy as taught by Sri Shankaracharya...
don't you think that we are deviating much from that focussed objective
which we had in mind?

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