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This is the first shloka of 10 in the Annapurnastotra of Shri
Shanakaracharya.  The chhanda is Shardulavikridita (yam
brahmaavarunendra...)  There are two shlokas in anushtubha at the end
which may be addons.

Nityaanandakaree varaabhayakaree saundaryaratnaakaree
nirdhootaakhilaghorapaavanakaree pratyakshamaaheshvaree |
Praaleyaachalavamshapaavanakaree kashipuraadheeshvaree
bhikshaam dehi krpavalambanakaree maataannapurneshvaree ||

Let's look at this word by word (corrections gratefully accepted):


Oh cause of eternal joy!

Those who know Her are always free of sorrow.


Oh giver of the gift of fearlessness!

(?) I'm not sure I've got that right.  Those who know Her are never


Oh ocean of Beauty!

Compare to the stotra Saundaryalahiri  (Waves of beauty.)


Oh effortless purifier of all impurity!

nirdhoota literally means without shaking Ghora literally means something

pratyakshamaaheshvaree |

Oh Self-evident Maheshvari!

Pratyaksha is perception and it is obvious to anyone who sees her that she
is the "Great Godess"  Maheshvari.


Oh purifier of the dynasty of snowy mountains!

Mataji is called Parvati
and Haimavati because she is the daughter of King Himavat (Himalaya)


Oh Queen (or patron Goddess) of the city of Kashi!

Annapurna Mata is the shakti of Vishwanatha Mahadeva, one of the
jyotirlingas and the presiding Deity of Kashi.  Through their divine
presence, Kashi is one of the seven Mokshapuris.

bhikshaam dehi krpavalambanakaree maataannapurneshvaree ||

Grant us alms oh maintainer of mercy Mother Annapurneshvaree!

We may pretend that we own this or that but everything springs from and is
the prasad of Mataji (Annapurna means full of food or plentiful.)  So we
should humbly beg Her for whatever alms she has chosen to give us.
Avalambana literally means support. She is the cause of krpa and its

Annapurna Mat ki jay!

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