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Sankaran Panchapagesan panchap at ICSL.UCLA.EDU
Wed Jul 14 15:33:33 CDT 1999

  I got this info from my father.

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Yes, you are right.  The Shivalinga was unearthed during excavation
for construction during the period 1960-62.  It was brought to the present
location and kept there on concrete floor in  open-space till 1964.
That Jalakanteswara Sannidhi was renovated and brought to its present
shape in 1965. That Appayya Deekshithar performed Puja to the three
Lingas, viz., Dandeeswara (Velachery), Jalakanteswara (inside the
Raj Bhavan forest, which earlier had Velachery and Taramani villages in an
overlapping manner) and the Aushadheeswara at Tiruvanmiyur is a
historical information which would be available in the recorded
life-history  of Sri Appayya Deekshitha.  I have heard this being
mentioned in the public meetings held after the Kumbhaabhishekam of our

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Aushadheesvara must be Skt. for 'Marundeesvarar', right? So that agrees
with  your info too. Thanks for your post.


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