Book Information: Enlightenment for Beginners

Ravi miinalochanii at YAHOO.COM
Tue Jul 13 10:45:59 CDT 1999

Author: Chuck Hillig
E-mail contact: chillig at
Book Release Date: 1st August 1999.

I am posting this on behalf of shrI Chuck Hillig
(CH) based on the info sent to me. This post is
quite brief, but the Author sent me a lot of
info. If you want more info contact the Author
himself and DO NOT write to the list.


This book is a re-publication of the CH's
original book "What are you doing in my
Universe". It is a very brief book (1600 words
introduction and 2000 words main text,
illustrated with diagrams). It introduces to a
lay man in a very simple language the essesence
non-dualistic philosphy. The book was evolved out
of the 30 years of practice and experience with
bhagavAn shrI ramaNa mahariShi's teachings.

This book has got raving reviews from many
new-age philosophers and author CH mentions that
he has got a very positive feedback from a wide
range of audience.

If you are interested in buying this book or
finding more information about it please contact
the author at chillig at

The WWW page is not yet functional, so the best
you can do for now is contact the author. But the
WWW page will be soon functional.

Thank you for your attention.

AUM shrImAtre namaH

Note: We thank shrI CH for contacting the
List_Admin directly before posting his
advertisement about the book to the list.
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