Need the archive link for the Yudhishtir-Yaksha Samvaad

Anand V. Hudli anandhudli at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Jul 12 08:23:04 CDT 1999

On Sun, 11 Jul 1999 13:59:59 EDT, Ashish Chandra <ramkisno at HOTMAIL.COM>

>Namaste All,
>Could someone please post the archive link for the Yudhishtir Yaksha
>questions from the time the Pandavas were killed by the Yaksha for not
>answering his questions as they went looking for water.
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 You can get the complete text of the Mahabharata online at:

 But you will have to first register as a user and agree to the terms
 and conditions mentioned in the agreement.

 Download the Aranyakaparvan of the epic. The story of the Yaksha's
 questions to Yudhisthira and the Nahusha episode as well occur in
 the parvan.


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