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This is a slightly out of topic post on this list, but I wondered if anybody
had information on something that I'm looking for.

A few months ago, I saw a cartoon on Ramayana. It's supposed to be a
Indo-Japanese venture and it was made very professionally. Slick like a Walt
Disney production - Action filled adventure! It was so well done that I saw
it twice in two days!

My sister's children were totally taken with it and idolized Hanuman after
that. The reason? They had never seen a monkey who could fly and fight as
well! (No disrespect intended to Anjaneya).

One of my friends who helps out at a local Bala Vihar in California too
wanted this tape for the American born Indian kids out there. But
unfortunately I do not have access to the video anymore.

Was wondering if anybody knew anything about it and where I could find it.


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Here is a brief introduction about me....

I am currently working as a Systems Analyst @ Infosys Tech.ltd,
Bangalore. I am a native of Dharwad in
Karnataka. I did my Engineering in Electronics & Communication from
Mysore U'sity @ MCE, Hassan.

My father has been my spiritual Guru from my childhood. He is a very
simple, honest and a great man who
has taught me to lead a life which is beneficial to all. My interest
in Shankaracharya got momentum recently
when i started reading books by Shri Shankara. When i read Bhaja
Govindam and Prashnottara Ratna Maalika, there
was no doubt in my mind as to who would help me to lead the perfect
life. I have accepted him as my supreme
teacher and would try to emulate as much as i can.

After reading these books, there were a lot of questions in my mind
regarding Sri Shankara's teachings. I
decided to search for Shankaracharya on the web. I have visited a no.
of sites and got this list server id.

My prime purpose to join the list is to clarify my doubts about the
teachings. Hope, this will serve the purpose.

hari om,
deepak mahesha.

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