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Vivek Anand Ganesan v_ganesan at YAHOO.COM
Sun Feb 28 19:16:22 CST 1999

Hello all,

        This mail is pursuant to the one sent by ShrI Robert regarding good
source books for Advaita Vedanta.  It would be of immense value to
beginners like me to read good books that teach _classical_ (should I
say, _canonical_) advaita.
        I have spent way too much time learning about vedanta from books on
"Indian philosophy" and yet I feel like I still have not grasped the
essence of advaita.  Frankly, I have learned a lot more during my
brief presence in this list than I have during the many years
preceding it.  So, I really enjoy the text based discussions in this
list and I feel that it engenders a more focussed and thoughtful
discussion. I have two additional requests.

1. A short list of books in English which are introductory texts,
written by noted Advaita scholars.
        The reason I ask for this is so that I have atleast a basic grounding
before I progress to the Prakarna granthas. I recently picked up a
copy of VivekaChudamani and noticed that :
                A) the Sanskrit was a little beyond my ken.
                B) the translation leaves something to be desired.
So, I would like to re-read these texts after learning some more in

2. A list of Source books to be included in the ADVAITA-L FAQ.
        This is to facilitate a ready reference for current members and a
starting point for future new members who would like to learn from the
basics. There have been several mentions of good books in this list
and even a Shankara reader by ShrI Saxena. It would be helpful to have
them all in one location for reference.


-Vivek Aanand Ganesan.

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