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Sri Vidyaji has commented:-

"I have gained immensely, and am sure that even if this argument were
to go on for a lot longer, as long as I am seeing what is not, it
is my duty and in my benefit to see it through, logically, to its

This is a highly encouraging comment from the list member.

Sri Vidyaji mentioned that perhaps another example given to understand maya is

Son of barren woman

The problem I see with this example is as I pointed out earlier - it is a contradiction  'apriori'.
To focus on this limitation in a more pointed manner we can take this example
further to say 2=3   (Two and three not being equal is apriori )
Does this illustrate the idea of maya?

I would like other members to contribute to the above idea first.

Then I will like to go back to the earlier thread of   ""snake in the rope"" as we have yet to reach a conclusion there  -- as pointed out by Sri Vidayji.

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