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essence of Bhakti is that everything you have to offer, tan, man, and
dhan, must be offered to Bhagavan.  If intellect is humanity's greatest
talent, what sets us apart from other creatures, then that most of all
should be put into His service.  If you look at some of the Dvaita
classics, they are masterpieces of logical thought and suffused with
Bhakti throughout. I think a Vaishnava would object as strenuously as I do
that being "spiritual" requires being an idiot.

Harsha: The Intellect is indeed the most precious tool. Therefore, the
essence of Bhakti is that the Intellect itself be surrendered to the Primal
Being, the Supreme Lord. When the Intellect is absorbed in the Heart, that
is when the Self is Clearly Recognized as One's Own Self.

"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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