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On Wed, 24 Feb 1999, Vivekananda Centre wrote:

> Namaste and pranams
> I missed Sri Jaladharji yesterday. He is curious about my 'ego' and
> spirit of learning.

May I kindly enquire what the hell you are talking about?  You are the one
who said that ego and unwillingness to learn were preventing progress in
the subjects under discussion.  I asked why you thought that way because
as far as I can tell the recent discussion has been productive and
informative to people. How does that imply curiosity about your mental

> I suspect he is still very angry with me.

I do not know you from Adam.  Why on earth would I feel curiosity, anger
or anything else about you?  You asked questions on this list as do many
people and I answered them.  Maybe you don't like the answers or maybe you
do.  It makes no difference to me.

> I did
> acknowledge the contributions of various people on the list for
> helping in our discussions. Perhaps I forgot to acknowledge his
> contribution. I can say with all honesty that the use of train
> timetables - algebra to work out when the trains between London and
> Manchester will meet is the most unique example I have ever come
> across to help in understanding the relationship between maya and
> brahman.

Uh no.  The example was to show how an analogy works, something it didn't
seem you were getting.  Like the train and the tracks, the rope and the
snake illustrate an underlying principle and are not important in

> I just pray that the trains are on different tracks.
> Otherwise algebra or no algebra - I do not want the trains to meet.

The track this list is on is Advaita Vedanta.  Is that your track or not?

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