SAmkhya and VedAnta

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Mon Feb 22 17:39:04 CST 1999

Regarding Jay's query as to how much has been left out by Shankara, I
don't think there's anything at all.

Advaita VedAnta is not philosophy is a very technical manner. Shankara
himself in one of the first verses in his BhAshyam on the VedAnta SUtrA,
warns that one should not try to access Reality by mere reason alone,
obviously a rebuke aimed at the SAmkhya.

Dialectic is only used as a stepping stone to ascend to a higher level
of non-dual existence, which can only be EXPERIENCED. Intellect and
dialectic do not have an end in themselves. Any "perfection" of
Shankara's philosophy will only wind up in more contradictions.

Shankara in his works takes us to the pinnacle of intellectual
capabilities, only to abandon it to achieve perfect non duality -
knowledge of yourSELF.

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