SAmkhya and VedAnta

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Sun Feb 21 16:54:27 CST 1999

Hi Jaldhar,

>We hear people talking about "realization of the self".

     I don't mean to be flip here, but, WHAT "other" people?

>What is it that they're talking about?

      Maybe you are using these so-called "others" to remind yourself about
the Truth of who you really are.  (Consider it as a possibility.)

>How can we "achieve" this if we can't even determine what it is?

     Just like there's no "achieving," there's, likewise, no "determining."
 Pure Consciousness in quite beyond "being determined."   To, seemingly,
pass through the Gateless-Gate, you need to abandon all hope of ever
figuring-it-all-out.  Since your mind will never be "enlightened,"  it
particularly means that YOU can't be there to witness any "awakening."

>As Human beings, we are bound by names, forms,and events.

     The body appears to be bound.  Who you really are, though, is
absolutely boundless.  The names, forms and events only serve to protect
the illusory ego-self from personal annihiliation by helping it to
perpetuate the illusion of separation.   In short, they appear to give the
ego something to, seemingly, "cling to."

>Intellect is the only tool we have available to us.

     Hmmmmm.   But what about the Heart?

>Perhaps the Devas or some advanced race of aliens have a better way but it
>doesn't do us the slightest bit of good.

     But, Jaldhar, aren't YOU  the true Source of the Devas and of  the
"advanced race of aliens?"   It's all only the Self, isn't it?  I mean,
what else is there?

>Thus Vedanta as a method of sadhana tries to employ our talents (as meager
>as they may be) to the fullest degree possible to clarify our
understanding of >the true nature of things.

     Understanding is not the goal  because the mind cannot possibly
contain the Self.   When you arrive at your destination, don't you put
aside the map?  As long as you see yourself as being the
thinker-of-these-thoughts, the intellect will only take you so far.   In
truth, though, YOU are NOT the thinker, feeler, speaker, or do-er of
anything.  No now; not ever.   Why not?  Simply because "you" aren't really
here.  I'm not either.  Only the Self is truly present.  Only the Self is

>As for the ultimate, let's cross that bridge when we get to it.

     Believing that there is, in fact, a "bridge to cross" is the very
thing that works to further perpetuate this illusion of separation.
Enlightenment is a non-linear, non-event and it is not bound by the
constraints of time (past, present and future).   Since it will not  "take
place" later on, there is no "bridge" that you will ever get to.  In fact,
there is no separate "one" who will "awaken" because there is no separate
"one" who is now "asleep."   Believing that there is, though, provides the
momentum that propels you to seek out ways to "awaken."   (Yes, yes, I
know.  It's totally ironic.........and very paradoxical ! )

      So, if only the Self is present, why not simply abide in (and AS) the
Self right now?   As you know, "seeking the Self" only perpetuates the
illusion of dualism.    Perhaps it's best to begin with being the Truth of
who you are right now and be done with it.  Anything less will only add
more fuel to the fire of separation.

                                With Blessings,

                                          Chuck Hillig

"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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