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Sun Feb 21 04:23:22 CST 1999

jay writes:

> let us get back to the main theme
> 'The snake in the rope DOES  illustrate the relationship between maya and
> brahman.'

I have to split hairs here. 'snake in the rope' is a wrong way of putting
it. It is better if it is 'rope as snake'. So

        seeing rope as snake :: seeing Brahman as xxxxxx(whatever)

> You have kindly said that the rope should not be taken a a rope but as
> Brahman and you have also kindly resent the message explaining that it is
> like viewing a picture.
> You view Brahman as you view the rope?  Then brahman becomes a mere subject
> of your imagination.

No. One does not view Brahman as anything. Because a view is just that,
a view. The view is the snake. Rope is non-view. You dont view the rope.

> When I said the qualification is non trivial I meant if you replaced the
> rope with say a string or a thread - that may be called a trivial
> qualification and we can take that but this further qualification to the
> concept of brahman as subject of the mind is worrying.

This reasoning arises when one considers the rope as also another view.
That is not the case as I explained above.

Srinivas Sista.

"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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