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I am following this discussion with utmost interest.   I am happy to see the
comments of so many knowledgeble persons posted without Ahamkaram.
Though I am not as learned, I am very good in gathering info.
He it is relevant to the topic under discussion.
Recently I acquired a book called "Sadhana Rahasyam" written by Sri
Anubhavananda Swami of Ramakrishna order, Bhimili, Andhra Pradesh, India. He
has a diciple an young girl of 14 who renounced the world, became a
brahmacharini and presently running that ashram in Bhimili.  This book is a
compilation of a series of letters Swami wrote to his diciple Sri
Thyagisananda.  The book is in Telugu language.
In the first chapter "TattvaChintanam"  Swami discussed Snakhya/Advaita and
talked about "Rajju Sarpa Brahnti".   I am not a good translater but I will
try my best to convey the meaning.
He says  shankara coined a word "Vivarta Vadam" to explain the shrusti.
Brahma created, but can not say how  and called this "Anirvachaniya khyati".
As the rope is cause for sarpa - Brahma is cause for Srushti.  This Srushti
appears to be real.
The union of what appears to be Shrusti and Jiva is "Yogam".

I understand what Swami is saying.  Pardon If I made any mistake in conveying.

The book sadhanarahasyam is published in all languages.



"bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam"
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