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My name is Murali Sambasivan.  I have a Doctoral degree in Management =
Science from Univ of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, USA and have a honors degree =
is engineering from College of Engg, Guindy and a master's degree in =
Industrial Engg from NITIE.  At present I am working as General Manager
of Strategic Planning at RPG Enterprises, Bombay.  Very soon I will be =
leaving the corporate world to get into research and teaching.
My research would be more towards understanding the eastern system of =
science and western system of science(basically, mathematics).  The =
research would also be directed towards how each system can complement =
the other system so that both the systems are enhanced.
I am deeply impressed with Advaita philosophy and it has become a part =
of my life.  Adi Shankara, Ramana Maharshi, and Kanchi Mahaperiyavaal =
are my gurus.  I try to do lot of learning in Advaita and other =
philosophies and try to understand them more scientifically and =
spiritually.  Advaita has answered many of my internal questions and has
helped me to be a better human being.
Do u require any more answers?

Kindly send my e-mails at sambasivan at hotmail.com and not at the current

Regards,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Murali Sambasivan

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